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  • Sweating is provided by sweat glands - appendages of the skin.
  • Sweat is a physiological fluid that has a certain composition.
  • There are two types of these glands: eccrine - those in which the release of sweat is accompanied by cell damage; apocrine - when sweat is released, the cells of such glands undergo destruction (namely, their tops are separated).

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Apocrine sweat glands are located not throughout the body, but in certain areas of doxycycline. Eccrine sweat glands are found over most of the body surface. In this, a person differs from animals: in many mammals (those that do not belong to primates), apocrine-type glands are present in most areas of the skin, body surface, and eccrine glands are located mainly on the paw pads and muzzle.

  1. Sweat glands secrete sweat, the functions of which are

The eccrine glands of doxycycline can secrete up to 10 liters of sweat per day. The sweat gland has a simple structure - it consists of: secretory glomerulus (end section); narrower excretory duct. Secretory glomeruli look like large, coiled tubesminting fish scales; leprosy is a systemic disease caused by mycobacterium leprosy, the skin manifestations of which are erythematous-pigmented spots, nodules and tubercles.

  1. Red prickly heat and deep prickly heat can lead to a malfunction of the sweat glands with the development of acute generalized (common) anhidrosis.

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Asthenic anhidrosis occurs in diseases and pathological conditions such as: avitaminosis - lack of vitamins in the body; diabetes mellitus - a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, which occurs due to a deficiency of the hormone insulin; cirrhosis of the liver - a severe chronic pathology of the liver, in which its parenchymal (working) tissue is replaced by fibrous connective tissue; Addison's disease is an endocrine disease in which the adrenal glands lose their ability to synthesize a sufficient amount of corticosteroid hormones (primarily cortisol).

With scleroderma, ichthyosis and leprosy, local (local) sweating disorders appear in certain areas of the skin.

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Atrophic factors for the occurrence of anhidrosis are those associated with systemic depletion of the body. Against their background, the tissues of the sweat glands are oppressed, the glands do not work correctly.

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Extensive can act as a traumatic factor: scalped wounds, in which, under the action of a traumatic agent, a large layer of skin is literally torn off; burns of the skin, as a result of which many sweat glands are destroyed, which affects sweating and moisturizing the skin.

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doxycycline sickness - local and general disorders in the body arising from exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation and most often manifested by damage to the skin, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and systemic blood flow.

  • Neurological causes of anhidrosis are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, which lead to disruption of the innervation of the sweat glands and failure of sweating.
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It can be damage to peripheral nerves, brain or spinal cord - traumatic and received during medical manipulations; a number of diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system - encephalitis (inflammatory process of doxycycline origins in the tissues of the brain), polyneuropathy (systemic damage to peripheral nerves) and many others.

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Treatment of anhidrosis begins with the elimination of the causes that led to its development. Often this will require a lot of time and patience, since such pathologies can be chronic, protracted and difficult to correct. Depending on the systemic cause of anhidrosis, the disease is treated by certain narrow specialists - neuropathologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, and so on.

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If dermatitis is not stopped, then pathogenic microflora may join with the subsequent development of infectious skin diseases. First of all, it is pyoderma - a pustular lesion of the superficial skin layers.

  • Differential (distinctive) diagnosis in anhidrosis should be carried out between all possible pathologies that could provoke its development.
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Moisture detectors are attached to the patient's skin and wrapped in a thermal blanket. Detectors identify areas of the skin with impaired sweating. If a neurological disease is suspected that can provoke anhidrosis, pathologies of the central nervous system should be excluded first of all, since a violation of sweating can be of central genesis (origin). This will help to do: If endocrine pathologies are suspected in the occurrence of the described pathology, thyroid disorders should first be excluded. To do this, carry out: Differential diagnosis.

Early Intervention

The activity of the sweat glands itself is assessed using special tests, during which sweating is stimulated - for this, special substances are introduced into the body that provoke the release of sweat. The ways of their introduction are as follows: intradermal (thus histamine is administered); oral.

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Secretory glomeruli look like large, coiled tubesdozens of examination methods, the patient is examined by related specialists, who prescribe the necessary diagnostic methods.

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The eccrine glands of an adult can secrete up to 10 liters of sweat per day.

The sweat gland has a simple structure - it consists of secretory glomerulus (doxycycline pills) narrower excretory duct.

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